Motivational Monday: New Website!

What motivates more than a brand new website? Haven’t seen it yet? What are you waiting for? Now that you’re here, stay awhile and check out our photo gallery, client testimonials, personal training and nutrition services, and upcoming self-defense class dates. What do you think?

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Motivational Monday: Is it Real–or Just Your Ego?

I don’t feel so motivated myself today. I tweaked my left quadratus lumborum nine days ago and can barely touch my toes! During my darkest moments, I always reread this Anthony de Mello article. Today I share it with you and implore you to read it and then read it again. Don’t skim it. Inhale […]

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Fresh Friday: Thé à L'Ananas Beninois

Last year as I endured the weight loss process and shed thirty pounds, tea became something I drank every day. Once I hit my 1400 calorie ceiling and still wanted something sweet or something warm or just something in my mouth, I came to rely on tea. With endless choices of tea I almost forgot about this […]

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Motivational Monday: Revenge of The Trainees

While the profits of having a personal trainer far outweigh the losses, clients sometimes dream of the day they might get to scream back at us, “One more! You can do it! C’mon one more!” We know they concoct fantasies of seeing us–their trainers– panting, sweat dripping down our faces as they time our sprints […]

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Fresh Friday: Forget Ham! Try This Easter & Passover Masterpiece

Last year we spent Passover with relatives in Cranbury, New Jersey and we ate the most delectable lamb stew. Before you hee and haw about the traditional Easter Ham and Passover Brisket, here are some nutrition facts about lamb. Lamb is high in B vitamins, zinc, iron and among the best source of absorbable iron. […]

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Workout Wednesday: Bye Bye Muffin Top!

Abductors: The abductor muscle group is composed of four muscles: 1. Gluteus Maximus (your butt) 2. Gluteus Minimus (your outer hip) 3. Gluteus Medius (your butt) 4. Tensor Fascia Lata (your hip) How to Train Them: In order to avoid the dreaded muffin top, training the external obliques and abductors together is critical. Remember, nutrition […]

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Motivational Monday: Have SEX For Remarkable Health Benefits

1. Sex Relieves Stress: A big health benefit of sex is lower blood pressure and overall stress reduction. Those who had intercourse had better responses to stress than those who engaged in other sexual behaviors or abstained. Another study found that frequent intercourse was associated with lower diastolic blood pressure in cohabiting participants. Yet other research found a […]

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Fresh Friday: Meatloaf Meaffins

I’m so excited about this recipe! My workout buddy mentioned it one day so I searched around and compared recipes and came up with my own unique twist. This is meatloaf baked in muffin tins. Easily portable, they are delicious hot or cold and we gobble them up atop a mountain of spinach for breakfast, […]

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Workout Wednesday: Parlez-Vous Parkour?

What is Parkour and why is it the fastest growing fitness trend? Founded by French athlete, David Belle, and sensationalized by stunt men in films such as Casino Royale, Parkour is the wave of fitness future.

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