My son,  Anthony V. lovesssss your kids self-defense class.  He went home and demonstrated  how to say NO to a bully…and how to escape the shoulder grab.  He can not wait for next Tuesday! –Rancho Elementary Parent


70 pounds lighter and still going! 20 pounds to go!

Double Eagle Fitness changed my life!  Since July 2011, I lost 85 lbs, my energy level is sky-high, I’m less stressed and generally just a happier person.  Working out and healthy eating are a way of life now. I accomplished this because Samantha and Beqir were beside me for this entire journey providing encouragement, inspiration, motivation and knowledge. Their work out routines are never boring, always challenging and they make it fun! From my first work out where I could only walk the track at IVC to my first 5K race with Beqir by my side, to running the stairs at Ampitheater Park they are there cheering me on. From no weights to working with the dreaded 35lb kettle bell I am continually amazed as my strength continues to increase.

My next big challenge is the Mud Factor 5K obstacle course race and they are training me hard so that I’ll be ready. At 56, I’m in the best shape of my life.  The invaluable advice and guidance they provide about nutrition is a true eye opener.  Having Samantha monitor my eating habits helped me change the way I  eat to the extent that eating healthy is habit. I look forward to her weekly blogs and facebook posts which are full of advice and ideas about living a healthy lifestyle.  She’s my ‘go to’ person for all nutrition advice, she knows her stuff!

If you are ready to make a change, become more active and get fit  I can tell you they will be by your side encouraging,  nuturing and challenging you throughout your journey.  They truly care about their clients and give 110%!  I’m so blessed to have found them.  Thank you both for helping me on the road to a healthy life. –R. Schaefer, Novato

9/20/2012 “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” – Confucius

I did not get what Confucius mean’t till I started with Double Eagle Fitness. I’m becoming a fan of Samantha and Beqir Gjoka of Double Eagle Fitness who tell you exactly what to do every day and provide a action plan to work towards your goal. For me, it works better than going to the gym, where I can sometimes become overwhelmed and unsure of what I’m doing.

Also, I enjoy completing an efficient workout out in the open with someone pushing me to my limits and beyond. The program utilizes – what I call the “blend” method, which means it includes a wide variety of workouts. Changing up your workouts makes an effective way to tone and lose weight, and in my case working towards a six pack (and not a 6pack of beer – which is what I would have considered 6 months ago). Plus, since you are doing something different every day, you won’t get bored. The program has everything I could possibly want: yoga, cardio, toning and sculpting, kickboxing, running, running with weights and a couple of truck tires and chains that change the momentum.

Anyone looking to change their lifestyle in a good way should consider Double Eagle Fitness with Samantha and Gjoka who make it personal, friendly and dedicated to make a change in your lives.

Kumar Sriram, Novato (Filtered review from Yelp)

 “The Self-Defense & Personal Safety class was so great! There was so much diversity in the class- people from 14 to 83 years old, and having black belts to having no previous training- yet we all got something out of it. I know I’m going to use the techniques for staying out of dangerous situations for the rest of my life, and although I hope I never have to use the hands-on techniques, I’m so glad to know them! The instructors are very patient, experienced, and dedicated. THANK YOU Samantha and Beqir! :)” –K. Scherer

 9/10/2012 Forget the gym membership! What’s cooler than getting a physical trainer? Getting physical trainers that used to be a Special Forces Sergeant and a U.S. Intelligence Officer!

Seriously though – Samantha and Beqir will give you a unique physical workout each session, encouraging you the whole way – it might hurt, it might burn, but you never want to give up. You’ll leave with that “hurts so good” feeling and you’ll come back for more!

Emphasis on the unique, what you’ll do with Double Eagle you won’t do at the gym, and that’s a good thing! As an added bonus you’ll be outside in the sun or under the night sky, not indoors in a musty, sweat-filled haze. 🙂

Session fees are totally agreeable – schedule your sessions with a buddy if possible. You won’t be sorry and best of all, you’ll feel good about yourself. They also offer (awesome) self-defense courses. –Ian Thurston, Vallejo (Yelp filtered review)

Loved the Self-Defense & Personal Safety class! Many thanks. Everyone should take this self defense course. And how great that it was taught in our home!! –Seda Taysi Sejud

6/7/2012 Fitness training with Double Eagle Fitness has been amazing! Years of chronic neck pain and migraines are gone — no more monthly osteopathic treatments, cold / hot packs, or ibuprofen. And, I feel so great after the work outs that I’d rather have a training session with Double Eagle Fitness than a massage or bodywork session. S. Ikusa, Novato (Yelp filtered review)

6/3/2012 I have attended the adult self defense class, and observed the children’s class. I am a retired San Francisco Homicide investigator and have had substantial training, but I found the techniques taught by Double Eagle Fitness to be extremely powerful and useful. In just a few short hours of training, students will walk with greater confidence, and be less likely to become victims of crime. DEF teaches awareness of surroundings, and some quick, simple and effective techniques to resist attack. I recommend this class to everyone, even those with previous martial arts background. I hope all children have the opportunity to attend this class. K. Lynch, Novato (Yelp filtered review)

If someone wants personal care from a trainer who is knowledgeable and understands how to train, these are the folks to ask. Samantha and Beqir are true athletes and they know how to create workouts that are varied and slowly increase what one can do so that we learn that we are strong. If someone had told me 5 weeks ago that I would be training and loving it I would have argued. Not now. Samantha and Beqir are the best and they are dependable, they listen, and they really, really care about their clients. If you are looking for a healthy body call them at Double Eagle Fitness. They do it all. Training…Nutrition and the Kitchen Raid that really helped me to start on the right track.

Paula C.
Novato, CA

My husband and I have been working with Double Eagle Fitness for over nine months. We have never felt better or looked better. I have already lost 24 lbs. The weight loss jump start and kitchen raid classes were so beneficial! My husband and I were told how many calories we could eat a day to lose weight. Then, they took us to Trader Joes and taught us how to read labels, make healthy choices, and a ton of meal and snack tips too. Their knowledge of nutrition is astounding! Working out is never easy, but they make it so much fun and each workout is very different. My husband and I are now biking more, hiking, and we just participated in the zero breast cancer Dip Sea Hike (something we wouldn’t have EVER done before). We are living a more active healthy lifestyle. Did I already say how great we look? Thank you Sam and Beqir. We wouldn’t/couldn’t have done it with out you two! You changed our lives and we are forever grateful!
Mary Blount

I admit I was nervous when I first decided to train with DEF because I was so out of shape. I’ve never really been a dedicated exerciser. But I have been pleasantly surprised how rewarding it is to be part of a team committed to working hard three times a week. No excuses when you know folks are waiting for you!
When I joined, my workout partner was a month ahead of me. But Samantha customized the exercises so they were right for my fitness level. Next week will be my third week and I already feel better than I have felt in years. Samantha and Beqir have created a supportive and challenging environment that helps me to push beyond my comfort zone, and see what I am really capable of. I would recommend Double Eagle Fitness to folks of any fitness level who are ready to start making their own health a priority.

I had been in a “lack of health” slump for almost 2 years. A friend recommended Double Eagle Fitness: two days later I met with Beqir and Samantha, 3 days later I got started, and now it has been two weeks of training and I feel better than I have felt in years. Beqir and Samantha are extremely positive and will adapt to your range of fitness (the accountability is key for me). Also, the training is superior to any I have any received in my life, and I have been guided to a proactive nutritional path. My blood pressure and resting heart rate have gone down, and I can already feel the weight melting off my body. I can’t imagine how great I will feel in a couple months and I am looking forward to entering an assortment of races. I recommend Double Eagle Fitness to anyone who is ready to make a positive change in their health.
Matthew McCarthy