Weight Loss Jump Start: 70% of weight loss happens in your kitchen! This 60 minute lecture will provide essential knowledge of macronutrients, hormones, and food combining to set you up for successful and permanent weight loss.  * This service is vital for our permanent weight loss program. 60 minutes.

Kitchen Raid: How many anti-nutrient products hide in your kitchen? These are the culprits causing disease, early aging, and sluggish metabolism. We will raid your kitchen to remove the harmful products making you tired and choking your immune system. Sixty minutes.  * This service is essential for any weight loss program.

Grocery Store Tour: Once we’ve removed the anti-nutrients, we teach you a new way to grocery shop while offering bushels of shopping, cooking, and snacking tips. Food quality is critical to maximize calorie burn, support the immune system, and feel energized all day. 60 minutes.

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