My name is Samantha and I have a confession to make. I’m a personal trainer and I struggle with weight loss, exercise, nutrition, and motivation just like you. Trainers are human beings who face the same obstacles with health issues.

This is me BEFORE I lost weight

Weight Loss: I lost thirty pounds while getting certified. If I could do it, then I could make weight loss a reality for my clients. It worked! This year, I decided to lose another ten pounds so I am back to calorie counting, stress management, quality sleep, intense workouts, and lots of clean food and water. Just like all of you.

Exercise: Coaching works. I will never exercise alone. I workout under the guidance, motivation, and experience of other trainers. They push me harder than I would ever push myself. Just like you I hate the exercises I’m bad at and love the ones that I’m good at.

Water: I do not drink enough water. Even though I know my kidneys aren’t working efficiently within a water deprived body. This dehydration makes my liver inefficient in its job of metabolizing fat. Drinking more water (80 oz a day) would reverse this cycle to hydrate my body and expedite weight loss.

You are what you eat.

Nutrition: As someone who is a volume eater with no willpower, it’s crucial for me to make sure my kitchen is a controlled environment. If I don’t want to eat it, I don’t buy it. Just like you, I struggle everyday to make better food choices–especially when it comes to meals I didn’t prepare myself. I remind myself that food is fuel first and foremost.

Motivation: Just like you, some days I feel as motivated as Wonder Woman. Other days, I feel myself just going through the motions during a workout. What’s the difference? I am the walking, living, shining example of health. If I don’t look the part, no one will hire me. I also love my job. I love watching someone run their first mile, lose the first twenty pounds, complete the first 10K race, or realize they love kale. We trainers love what we do. It’s a tough job whipping the whole country into shape!

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