I’m dropping weight to do this move called toes to bar

Happy New Year everyone. I have decided to lose a little more weight which means I’m back on the iPhone mynetdiary app counting calories with the rest of our clients. I am a volume eater and 1430 calories is lower than the 1900 I have been eating to maintain my current weight of 140 pounds. It won’t be easy. Anything worthwhile demands hard work and sacrifice. Here are some of my sure-fire weight loss tips I depended on when I lost the first 30 pounds.

Starbucks Caramel Brulée Latte packs 420 calories–that’s a meal!

You LOVE coffee: Black coffee contains about 5 calories per cup. Once loaded with sugar, cream, flavored syrups, alcohol, milk, and chocolate, it ranges from 50-500 calories. Add a pastry to your Starbucks breakfast or snack and you are almost at 1000 calories. Even the Apple Bran Muffin is 350 calories. I’d rather use my caloric allowance on real food so I trained myself to savor the taste of coffee–just coffee. Now I make stove top espresso in a Moka Pot, add an ounce of coconut milk and a dash of cinnamon. It’s creamy and delicious and still tastes like java instead of Crème brûlée. If you must add sweetener, use Stevia. It’s a plant so there are no chemicals. It is much sweeter than sugar and takes time to adjust.

Eat the fruit!

You LOVE juice: A glass of orange juice if not fresh squeezed is usually loaded with added sugar and 110 calories. If you eat an orange it’s about 69 calories with the benefit of fiber from the pulp and flesh. Still won’t relinquish the juice? Add 1 ounce of the juice to 8 oz of water. You have the flavor of the juice without all the calories. This works great with kids who consume far too much sugar on a daily basis. Fruit juice that has been robbed of its fiber and broad range of nutrients is basically just a concentrated source of sugar that lacks the supportive nutrients to help it digest and metabolize. Fruit juice elevates blood sugar more quickly than whole fruit, and the level of sugar that can be obtained from fruit juice is higher than the level found in whole fruit.

Zero calories but it’s EVIL in a can!

You are ADDICTED to soda: Soda dehydrates the body. Thirst is impossible to quench with soda. Phosphoric acid in soda decays teeth, weakens bones, and leads to kidney damage. It’s acidity is equal to vinegar but the insane amount of sugar masks the acid. Refined sugar in large quantities leads to diabetes, obesity, and a sluggish immune system. The preservative sodium benzoate–used to prevent mold and keep the soda fresh causes internal cell damage. If you are truly addicted to soda, be aware drinking it may lead to  cause other health conditions, including metabolic syndrome risk factor, which is a cluster of cardiovascular disease and diabetes conditions caused by a partnership of high cholesterol, obesity and increased blood pressure.

University of Purdue researchers recently concluded that a compound in green tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Get to Know Tea: The key to my weight loss was what to do once I consumed all 1400 of my daily calories and I was working on the computer or watching movies and felt the urge to snack. I started to drink tea because I could drink as many cups as I wanted to at 0 calories. Some teas also contain powerful antioxidants. Select a tea that is naturally sweetened with coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, rosehips, or fruit so you don’t add calories to it with sugar, honey, or milk. 

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