Mai-Britt’s AFTER photo–50.25 inches melted!

We measure our clients monthly to track inches and pounds lost but sometimes life gets in the way…

Mai-Britt Boggeri got measured on her first session with Double Eagle Fitness and then kept getting side-tracked and waylaid by her hectic life. We finally nailed her down for measurements last week and were open-mouthed shell-shocked to report that in 4.5 months she lost 50.25 inches!!!

Mai-Britt has lost about 30 pounds since September but her sky-high loss of inches is due to her hard-core nature. She holds nothing back and doesn’t pass a comment when Beqir tells her to put a twenty-five pound ruck sack on before doing perfect toe push-ups. She never complains or resists Beqir’s training methods.

Mai-Britt’s BEFORE Photo September 2011

Mai-Britt grew up in Denmark and attributes her steady weight gain a sedentary American style of convenience and fast food. She also gave birth to three children and steadily gained weight after each baby. Like many Americans, she tried every diet known to man, her weight yo-yoing back and forth without exercising or real knowledge of how to permanently lose weight and change her lifestyle. A friend told her about Double Eagle Fitness. It took her three weeks to pick up the phone–face her fears–and call us. Once she mustered the courage to call, she knew she made a definitive life-changing decision.

Her father was in town from Denmark while I was at her house raiding the kitchen. Although he speaks limited English I saw him shaking his head as I threw away all the high-sugar yogurt, salad dressings, and fruit sauces I found in her fridge.

Tillykke Mai-Britt!

I know she wasn’t raised eating high-sugar processed foods. Denmark is famous for healthy muesli and oatmeal for breakfast and smørrebrød (open rye-bread sandwiches) with slices of meat or hard-boiled egg for lunch. I told her to recall what she ate as a child to guide her as she plans meals for her family. Mai-Britt is still learning to make healthy choices. She understands that weight-loss and weight maintenance go hand in hand. We would like to take this Motivational Monday to recognize Mai-Britt and say, TAK, thank you, in her language for inspiring us every week with her stalwart effort and drive.

What’s holding YOU back?

What’s keeping YOU from picking up the phone and coming to see Double Eagle Fitness for a free body composition analysis?

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