Fresh Friday: Fast Fall Comfort Food

The leaves are changing, the air is chilly crisp, and I can’t get enough soup! I absolutely have to share my method for the most amazing, nutritious, filling, comforting, soup ever. It’s so easy to make: 15 minutes without broth. 75 minutes with homemade broth. Here’s how the magic happens: Step 1) Make your broth. […]

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Fresh Friday: I Don’t Have Time to Cook

Nutrition is 70% of a weight loss and weight maintenance battle. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. If you don’t have time to cook here are two strategies to plan ahead on Sunday and assemble healthy balanced meals and snacks that will keep your metabolism burning fat and building muscle. Post your favorite go-to meals and […]

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Fresh Friday: Nibbling on The Numbers

Day after day, I receive elated texts from clients when they lose pounds and only silence when normal weight fluctuation occurs.  Daily weighing, according to a study by The Miriam Hospital and Brown Medical School, is crucial in regulating weight. Take the ego and the emotion away from the scale. It’s just a number. The […]

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Fresh Friday: Ode to Fat

Many people think that fat makes you fat. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Fat is an essential macronutrient, most importantly acting as a backup storage fuel–second to carbohydrates–for energy.  Fat comes in two main forms: Saturated & Monounsaturated. Saturated comes from animal sources and is solid at room temperatures (think butter, cream, salad […]

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Fresh Friday: Be A Locovore

How can eating locally grown produce and happy organic animals save your life? Our food is fuel to keep our metabolic engine functioning as muscle-building, fat-burning machines. Our plant food is only as nutritious as the soil in which its grown. Our animal sustenance is only as nutritious as the food the animal eats before slaughter. Would […]

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