How can eating locally grown produce and happy organic animals save your life? Our food is fuel to keep our metabolic engine functioning as muscle-building, fat-burning machines. Our plant food is only as nutritious as the soil in which its grown. Our animal sustenance is only as nutritious as the food the animal eats before slaughter. Would you feed your child nothing but cotton candy? That’s how drastically the nutritional profile shifts for cows raised on corn and grain instead of grass. Grass fed cows do not develop mad cow disease or produce meat infected with E-coli bacteria.

We just became members of a community supported agriculture (CSA) called Tara Firma Farms. Every Tuesday grass-fed beef, pasture-roaming chicken, and Beqir’s favorite offal will be delivered to us. Take a stand for yourself, your family and our planet! Eat local. We spent $45.00 on organic meat and $40.00 on organic vegetables this week.

This week’s veggies from the Farmer’s Market at the Marin Civic Center

Saturday’s dinner of Tara Firma Farms Chuck Eye Steak with broccoli, summer squash, red bell pepper, and leeks: 549 calories

Breakfast of eggs, spinach, avocado and tomato: 345 calories

Bon appetit! Ju bofte mire! Enjoy your meals this week. Remember: garbage in = garbage out. Fuel your body with high quality, fresh, pesticide-free food that will serve as your primary medication.

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