Why is the core so crucial?

  • Improves posture & balance;
  • Helps eliminate lower back pain;
  •  Helps avoid a host of common injuries–especially back injuries and general aches usually associated with age;
  • Improves physical performance (power & stabilization);
  • SURPRISE! Prevents muscle soreness and stiffness;
  • With consistent core work, the rest of our bodies can function more efficiently.

What muscles make up your core?

  • Abdominal (Rectus Abdominus & Transverse Abdominus)
  • Internal & External Obliques
  • Lower Back Muscles (multifidus, spinalis, longissimus, & iliocostalis)
  • Gluteal Muscles (minimus, medius, and maximus)
  • Hip Flexors (Pectineus, Brevis, Longus, Magnus, Gracilis, Sartorius, Psoas major, illiacus, tensor fashaie latae, and the iliotibial band)

What are the best core strengthening exercises?

  • Elbow planks, side planks, reverse planks, mobile planks, spider planks, stability ball planks, medicine ball planks,  etc.
  • All forms of abdominal exercises: sit-ups, crunches, flutter kicks, leg lifts, throwbacks, incline sit-ups, decline-sit-ups, etc.
  • Pushups: military, scorpion, incline, decline, staggered, diamond, wide, plyometric, etc.
  • Squats: air squats, sumo squats, prisoner squats, overhead squats, jumping squats, etc.
  • Lunges: static, walking, double pump, weighted, backward, lateral, etc.

The list goes on and on. Become aware of your core. Not only during workouts but getting up from chairs, sofas, and the ground. The stronger your core, the less prone you are to injury. Begin to carry yourself like a dancer or a gymnast and you’ll work the core all day.

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