Monday is upon us again. Everyone needs a little boost for the week ahead.  So let’s start with the big picture: YOU.

There are only two things standing between the old you and the new you: vision and choice.

Imagine how your life will change once you reach your health and fitness goals. How do you look? How do you act? How do you respond when others look to you for advice? Transforming your body will transform your life with new confidence. Make it happen and see the new you as you sweat through every repetition of your workout. The vision won’t let you quit when the workout gets tough.

Choose and be accountable for every choice you make. Countless choices bombard us every day. Positive change hovers within every choice you make. From which food to eat, how hard you exercise, what kind of example you set for friends and family, all the way to your self-talk. Make every choice echo that detailed image of the new you.  Trust that image. Trust the process. Watch the magic ripple throughout all areas of your life.

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