Wouldn't this statue make YOU do another 30 burpees?

During one-on-one sessions with personal trainers, music is absent. As both trainer and client, I don’t miss music at all. Why? The trainer is pushing me, counting for me, and motivating me with powerful words, that all I can think is: “When will this torture end?” Or, “This is incredibly difficult but I am doing it although I wasn’t able to do it a week ago.” I’m sure it helped that my trainer used to train me right in front of the historical Iwo Jima monument. What is more motivating than a 78 foot tall bronze monument in honor and memory of the men of the United States Marine Corps who have given their lives to their country since 10 November 1775?

I am a HUGE fan of any music with Jack White

Last week I found myself rowing 2000 meters and while I certainly wasn’t bored, I felt I needed music to help me keep pace and push harder. Finishing that workout, I vowed to bring my little iPod nano and conduct a rowing experiment. Strapping my feet into the rower and selecting, Old Mary by The Dead Weather and let me mind laser focus on hard pulls and steady rhythm. Experiment result?


When did YOU last experience this satisfying sentiment?

Yes! Music that you love will help you during steady state cardio like running, biking, and rowing. Music still is totally out of place during one-on-one trainer sessions and outdoor workouts. How can I tell you what to do if you can’t hear me?

You can't really groove to music while bear-crawling down stairs...

For those of you still working out on your own, how do you feel about music? Motivator or distractor? What songs are on your workout play list? What would you never workout to? Post in the comments.

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