June 22 marks the first day of summer. I don’t know about you  but I’m getting really excited about the 2012 Olympics in London. If you feel like you would rather veg out on the beach and lick ice cream cones, why not turn to your favorite summer Olympic sport and start copy-catting.

Workouts can stagnate pretty quickly so reassess your routine and derive inspiration from summer sports. From archery to fencing to fencing and wrestling, there is a sport to pique your interest.

Lying flat on your stomach with pointed toes place your hands near your waist and push up. Try to lean forward as much as possible. Your feet will slide as you do this so wear socks or it can be rough on the feet. As you get stronger doing this eventually you feet will lift off the floor and you will end up in a planche.

How can you use Olympic sports to spice up your regimen? Instead of just salivating over the videos of our phenomenal women’s senior national team members, learn a little about their skills, drills, and conditioning. http://www.drillsandskills.com/ is a great resource where YOU can feel like a real gymnast by mixing in gymnast specific skills. For instance, forego the standard push-up for a pseudo planche push-up. Just one of many examples to help you bring out your inner gymnast.

If swimming is your thing, USA Swimming states the latest conditioning craze is swimming with resistance bands.  Among the factors that make bands such a great choice for swimmers is that they: Primarily cause you to train in a standing position, meaning that you’ll engage more muscle mass and require greater core activation than you would with other forms of resistance, and they allow you train at varying speeds.

You may not perform like Nastia Liukin but you will feel like an Olympic champ!

So pick your summer sport and spice it up a little by training as the Olympians train. Set a summer goal and post to the comments.

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