Huge and healthy breakfast

Acknowledging the reality of the actual number of calories we take in every day is crucial for weight loss. Patterns such as under-eating, skipping meals, grazing throughout the day, and making chronic poor choices around certain people will sabotage your weight loss. The keys to accurate food logs are:

  • Consistency: you must learn the habit of logging your food and beverage intake every day. If you had burgers, fries, and beer on Friday and Saturday they need to be logged. Aiming for the same amount of calories everyday is imperative.
  • Honesty: If you ate six gingerbread men, 2 cups of eggnog, and prime rib-not logging them doesn’t mean the calories weren’t ingested.
  • Accuracy: I often see dinner entries of: 4 oz chicken breast, 2 cups broccoli, 3/4 cup brown rice. While this is a nutritious meal of 424 calories it’s inaccurate. Add two teaspoons of olive oil the chicken was cooked in and a splash of balsamic vinegar to season the broccoli and the dinner is 524 calories. For processed foods remember that calories can vary a great deal depending on the brand.

Skin fold calipers to measure body fat percentage

Never ever give up!

  • Never Ever Give Up: Give your body the time it needs to shed the weight. Take every day one bite at a time. Do your best everyday to drink enough water, eat high quality whole foods, exercise as many days a week as you can, sleep 7 solid hours, manage your stress, and the weight will come off. Check with an endocrinologist for thyroid issues. For true inspiration, read this:

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