How many times do we hear this? “Help! I’m injured so I can’t workout.” Despite the injury, we can usually figure out ways to train around the injury. First things first:

  1. A doctor must diagnose and cure the injury–not the personal trainer.
  2. Along with doctors, chiropractor are often part of a health professional team for spinal alignment.
  3. A physical therapist may also be involved to bring the individual back to basic functionality.
  4. The personal trainer works in conjunction with doctors, chiropractor, and physical therapists to train AROUND the injury. As personal trainers, we always strive to prevent injury.

With key professionals identified, if you have tennis elbow, you can still train your core and your lower body. If you sprained your ankle, you can still train your upper body. If you have chronic neck and back injuries, there are still myriad exercises that won’t inflame fragile backs and necks. We find ways around everything from arthritis to plantar fasciitis.

So if you get injured, gather your team of professionals and ask them which exercises they recommend and which ones they contraindicate. Ask them if there is a brace or other self-care method to keep you from missing workouts. If you have an injury, post how you work out around it.

Don’t ever let injury be an excuse not to exercise. 

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