But I’m afraid of getting big manly muscles…

We hear this fear all of the time so I will quickly assure you–especially you women–that you must adhere to a very particular repetition and load scheme to achieve hypertrophy (big manly muscles). See photo below left. In order to tone and tighten, you must lift weights! Here are the top ten benefits to weight-lifting.

10 Reasons to Lift Weights for Life

1. More muscle means higher fat burning metabolism

2. More muscle means a stronger immune system.

3. Gaining muscle lowers blood pressure and strengthens bones.

4. Strength training increases energy levels.

5. Weightlifting improves athletic performance.

6. Maintaining muscle strength benefits simple daily activities.

7. Strength training improves physical appearance.

8. Weightlifting helps relaxation, promoting a good nights sleep.

9. Strength training improves balance and coordination.

10. Muscle mass typically declines 30% or more between ages 35 – 65 without weight lifting.

*Top Ten List courtesy of local coach and trainer Deirdra Rogers.

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