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This week’s posts all share the same theme: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Today we draw upon concepts taught in our Weight Loss Jump-Start lecture to help you transform your metabolism into a fat-burning, muscle-building machine.


  1. Who are the Enablers in your life? The guy who brings a dozen donuts into the office every Friday and insists on celebrating TGIF? The best friend who had a tough day and begs you to a three glass of wine vent session? Enablers are present in our lives because misery loves company. Identify the enablers in your life and begin damage control. Surround yourself by people you want to emulate instead of people who want you do eat donuts just because it’s Friday. Lead by example by bringing in fresh berries or grapes on Friday.
  2. Photo Courtesy of Female Gym Motivation

    Stress Management:

    We all know where our weak moments are. Those moments that propel us into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or into a bag of potato chips. Maybe you grew up in the kind of home where mom comforted you with food after a tough day. Write down your most stressful moments that trigger you to eat and create an instead-of-a-binge list. Control your stress by planing for it before it happens. Read this blog post:
  3. Recognize this place Seinfeld fans?


    Restaurants are extremely difficult to deal with while losing weight. The simple solution: don’t eat out while losing weight. If you do eat out, learn which restaurants will accommodate your grilled salmon or chicken breast with double veg instead of rice and potatoes. Know which restaurants post calories on their menus and develop your go-to safe restaurants that won’t sabotage your goals. If you eat at Chinese restaurants order your dish steamed with the sauce on the side and no rice or brown rice. Use some soy sauce and hot chili oil and save yourself hundreds of calories from the MSG laden sauce.
  4. Happy Hours & Birthdays:

    If you have the willpower to go to happy hour with your colleagues and order ONE glass of wine it will only cost about 150 calories. Order sparkling water with lemon served in a wine glass and focus on laughing with your friends over inebriation. Consuming more than 3 oz of alcohol reduces fat burn by one-third. Alcohol slows the body’s ability to oxidize lipids (burn fat). What about that birthday cake that somehow appears bi-weekly in the office? Eating one piece will cost between 300-600 calories. Sing and celebrate with everyone else, but control your environment by bringing your own sweet treat to the birthday party. Medjool dates work nicely.
  5. Best all-in-one for hair and body cleansing


    Dr. Bronner of the magic castile soap empire claims the only two cosmetics anyone needs are enough sleep and his magic soap. When you get 7-8 hours of high quality rapid eye movement sleep every night your body produces more of the hormone, leptin, which enables you to feel full and burn fat. Sleep also triggers release of human growth hormone which regulates metabolism, remodels bone, muscle, and collagen tissue. HGH is crucial to develop lean muscle mass. HGH is triggered by quality sleep and quality exercise. Control your sleep environment by leaving your iPods and iPads in a separate room. Limit light, noise, and other distractions. Invest in comfortable mattresses, sheets and comforters to maximize your sleep every night.
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    Control your exercise environment by working with a personal trainer. All you have to do is show up. They program the workout tailored to your individual goals. You get instant accountability and much faster results because they are professionals who know that 45 minutes on the treadmill five times a week won’t get you cut and jacked and toned.
  7. Photos Courtesy of Female Gym Motivation

    Metabolic Formula:

    Weight loss, weight maintenance, and weight gain are not just about portion control. They are all achieved with simple math. Make sure you have a professional work your metabolic formula before starting a weight loss (gain) regime. Many people trying to lose weight under eat putting their bodies into starvation mode where the body won’t let go of fat. Control your environment by coming in for a free consultation and let Double Eagle Fitness work your metabolic formula to set you up for success.

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