Halloween is my all time favorite holiday. For those of you in the process of losing weight and maintaining weight, guess what? HALLOWEEN IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF!!!

For those of you following our program then you have saved up for this special sugar-infused day, haven’t you? After immaculate eating from October 1-30, now you are ready to enjoy Halloween. Right?

It’s not the one night of candy that will tip the scale, it’s sneaking into the kids’ halloween stockpile for days afterward that will pack on the pounds. According to the Census Bureau, Americans eat nearly a half-pound of candy each week for an average of 25 pounds of candy a year!

So enjoy yourself this Halloween. In case you were wondering, it takes nine small fun-size candy bars to put on a quarter-pound of fat (875 calories). There are 3,500 calories in one pound of fat so that’s 36 fun sized candy bars. Add the caramel apple: 243 calories. You get the point. Have a few pieces of candy but not half of a pillow case full like we used to… Post your favorite Halloween candy in the comments. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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