We all know the story: the dashing Julius Caesar takes control of Alexandria to resolve a dispute between Cleopatra and her brother, Ptolemy. While in Alexandria, Caesar develops an intense relationship with Cleopatra as he instructs her how to wield her power-motivation.

In honor of Beqir’s first American Halloween, we dressed up as Caesar and Cleopatra. For today’s motivational Monday, we share a couple of photos of us in our royal regalia and an important lesson in motivation and willpower.

Motivation: Your drive. Your hunger. Your mojo–it comes from within. It kicks in when the process gets so difficult you can’t think of anything but quitting. That’s when you dig deep within and let your fire keep you from failure. Click this link for 15 ways to revamp your inspiration.


  • Willpower: Some of us have more than others. What willpower boils down to is choice. Anticipate and plan for periods of low willpower (Halloween for me! Didn’t you read Friday’s post?)
  • Treat willpower as a muscle that needs exercising on a regular basis in order to achieve hypertrophy.

Happy Halloween everybody. Take a few minutes today to review your health goals. If you’re not losing weight, ask yourself:

  • Are you counting calories and staying within your prescribed range?
  • Are you giving 100% effort during your workouts?
  • Are you drinking 80-90 oz of water everyday?
  • Are you aware of your body’s natural water weight fluctuations on the scale?
  • Are you getting 30 grams of fiber and eliminating regularly?
  • Are you managing stress and have an instead-of-a-binge plan of action?
  • Are you sleeping 7 hours a night?
  • Are you eating whole and fresh foods or still eating Frank-N’-Foods?
  • Do you have a clear and detailed image of the new you?

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