For those of you frustrated because the weight isn’t coming off fast enough for you, let me remind you why we work out.

Yes, dozens of people begin exercise regimens with a goal of knockin’ em dead at their high school reunion, their wedding, or the  Black and White Ball. Yes, others dedicate themselves to fitness and clean eating the day they wake up tired of those extra fifty pounds bogging them down every day. And others begin to move their bodies when the doctor tells them they are pre-diabetic. Here’s the top three reasons we see runners running, bikers biking, and swimmers swimming every single day.

Strong person. Happy person!

Strong People Are Happy People:

When you have a good strength foundation it’s easy to pick up and carry the grocery bags, the laundry basket, and two kids at a time. Strong people have the cardiovascular capacity to run around and chase kids throughout the park, the zoo, and the museums. They’re able to have fun without huffing and struggling for breath. So if your weight isn’t melting fast enough, just step back and remind yourself you are in it for life–not just until you hit your goal weight. Stick with it. Train for something. Pick a goal and another goal and another goal.

Remember that we all have a chronological age and a real age.

Strong People Live Long:

Last year I blogged about comments I’ve heard from senior citizens. “I can’t lift weight.” Or, “I don’t feel comfortable on the treadmill, in the gym, under a barbell, doing burpees.” Your metabolism only slows down when you do. Developing old muscle is just like developing young muscle. You may need to be more careful and progress slower, but the physiology is the same. Keep training and pushing your limits  and you’ll keep your muscle and your metabolism. Our oldest client is 72 years old!

Kids do the wheelbarrow for fun. Adults do it for fitness and fun.

Strong People Are Addicted to Endorphins:

Drugs are illegal. Alcohol is legal but lethal. Endorphins are free and healthy. Instead of whining about a sluggish weight loss, enjoy the moment. Delight in the endorphins. Revel in the knowledge you devote three to six hours per week totally to your health and longevity. That’s why we work out. Once you hit your goal weight, guess what? You will still continue to exercise for the rest of your life so enjoy the journey. Focus on  how far you’ve come over how much further you have to go. Remember your first session when you did a 15 second plank? A couple of months later you plank for three minutes. Focus on that. Soon you will plank for four minutes with a weight vest on. You will always challenge your body and let it surprise you with what it can do. Bodies are made to move, to lift heavy objects, to run, to jump, to push, and to pull. That’s why we work out!

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