No matter what you did, or didn’t do yesterday, today is a brand new day to start all over and get it right. Focus on your successes rather than your failures. Zoom in on how far you have come over how much farther you must go. 

Not your first or last binge. Get right back on the horse!

I overate:

You had ice-cream cake this week. You went to Vegas and sinned in Sin City. You gorged on pizza, burgers, fries, soda, chocolate, and cupcakes. Forgive yourself and move on. Never ever tell yourself, “well, I just ate a super size Burger King meal so I may as well not log calories today. Or, I’ve already failed today so I may as well keep going. If you screw up one meal make the other two squeaky clean. No excuses. It’s a new day and a new you.

Go hard or go home.

My workout was half-ass:

We all have days we feel like Arnold Schwarznegger or GI Jane in the gym and boy are those the good days. If you have a personal trainer, it’s their job to make sure you give 1oo% effort during every session. If you don’t, you’re only hurting yourself. Even during the highest intensity moments of your workout, ask yourself, “Could I go a little harder? Could I push a little deeper? Did I shock and surprise myself today with my workout accomplishments? If not, go harder. My trainer used to tell me to go hard or go home.

Please eat 1200 calories of foods like these!

I under ate:

Eating under 1200 calories is just as dangerous as overeating. When we eat below basal metabolic rate, the body goes into starvation mode and begins to consume its own muscle tissue while holding on to the fat. Never ever eat below 1200 calories! If you eat 1100 calories on Monday then eat 1300 calories on Tuesday! The human body is like a frightened child that needs constant reassurance a steady source of sustenance is always available. You wouldn’t starve a toddler would you?

Remove your ego. It

The scale didn’t budge this week:

Before banging your head against the wall, ask yourself these key questions: Did I stick to my daily calorie target every day this week? Did I hit the 40-30-30 combination of carbs, fat, and protein? Did I workout at 100% effort? Did I eat 25-30 grams of fiber? Did I sleep 7 hours every night? Did I drink 90 oz of water? That’s what makes the scale descend!

Oh yeah. Coconut beer is my downfall.

I drank too much alcohol:

Happy hours, birthdays, girlfriend venting sessions, sad news–these are the reasons we tend to indulge in beer, wine, and liquor. Since alcohol is not conducive to high fitness performance nor weight loss, it’s a good idea to save it for your one special day per month. Alcohol inhibits the livers ability to metabolize fat. You will feel serious effects in your workout following an alcohol soaked evening. It’s a new day, get right back on that horse! Have a great and clean week!

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