I was overweight my whole life. When I became a trainer I resolved to lose weight because if I couldn’t do it, then I’d never be able to get my clients to do it.

With the right scientific metabolic information I did lose weight but I didn’t go all the way to my goal. Like everyone else out there, I stopped and went right into maintenance phase when I thought I looked and felt good. Until now. To prove the science of weight loss, test a high-tech product for our clients, and finally see my original goal weight through, I am on a mission. One that you will read about every Wednesday until I reach my goal!

Some scientific knowledge is required to understand that you didn’t BURN 2374 calories. You MUST subtract your basal metabolic rate–BMR to see how many calories you burned during your workout.

When our weight loss clients sign up to begin their life-changing journey we calculate their metabolic formula. After all, weight loss is a simple mathematical equation of burning more calories than consumed. Every week I analyze the clients’ food logs and make sure they are on track. The information I don’t have access to, however, is the number of hours they sleep, the number of calories they burn and the number of steps they take everyday.

The iPhone screen shot of the information the Body Media Core armband tracks 23 hours a day.

One day on Facebook, I happened upon an iPhone screen shot of some sort of app that tracked everything critical for successful weight loss: sleep, calories burned, calories consumed, steps, and the caloric deficit created. I must acquire this app, test it, and share the knowledge with Double Eagle Fitness weight loss clients.



Yes, Jillian Michaels wears this armband to maintain her weight! She was overweight too.

The high-tech product is called the Body Media Core Armband.  It uses four sophisticated sensors to capture over 5,000 data points per minute! You may recognize them NBC’s The Biggest Loser.  So far I love it. I began wearing it on July 5, 2012 and I have already lost six pounds. Stay tuned!!

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