This is what 25 ounces of water looks like. This is what I drink everyday as soon as I wake up.

For the past week, I decided to practice what I preach by drinking 90 ounces of water everyday and noting the effects. I’m happy to report that the experiment was a HUGE success and I want to share and reiterate the top five reasons to track your water and affirm to drink 80-90 ounces everyday.

1. Drinking water, especially as soon as you wake up will stimulate a bowl movement.

2. You know the mental fog that sets in around three or four o’clock in the afternoon? After 25 oz in the morning and another 25 midday, you will feel incredibly alert, focused, and even giddy by late afternoon. Don’t believe me? Try it and post a comment.

Does this water look boring and bland?

3. Water doesn’t have to taste boring and bland. Add fresh lemon, cucumber, watermelon, orange slices, or any fruit to enhance the flavor and save yourself a ton of the sugar calories in soda.

4. Our bodies are 75% water and none of our metabolic processes could occur without water. Why not help your body out by making it easier to work for you and not against you by hydrating it properly? Water lubricates and flushes wastes and toxins from all cells; it cleanses the internal organs, and it helps eliminate toxins from the bloodstream.

5. For those of you with acne or other skin issues, the right amount of water everyday will clear your skin. Don’t believe me? Try it for a week and then for a month and post your results.

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