Workout Wednesday: Why Compete?

[youtube=]   When it was time to sign up to compete at the TJ’s 2011 CrossFit Games, I hesitated and swam in a sea of self-doubt and fear for days. While Beqir actually had a chance to actually win, place, or show in the games, I knew I didn’t have a chance in hell for […]

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Workout Wednesday: Four Client Personal Records Today!

Meet Mary Lou: Training with us for three months, Mary Lou is one of three current clients who has lost thirty pounds . Just look at her gorgeous face transformed! Congratulations Loulita! Keep up the great work. You inspire us every day! Meet Becky: Enrolled in boot camp for six weeks, Becky ran the first mile […]

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Workout Wednesday: Help! I’m injured And I Can’t Workout!

How many times do we hear this? “Help! I’m injured so I can’t workout.” Despite the injury, we can usually figure out ways to train around the injury. First things first: A doctor must diagnose and cure the injury–not the personal trainer. Along with doctors, chiropractor are often part of a health professional team for […]

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Workout Wednesday: Requisite Stretching

Flexibility is the range of motion at a joint. The degree to which we are flexible depends on joint structure–especially within the ball-and-socket joints of the hip and shoulder. Age is also a major factor: the young are generally more flexible than the old. Gender is another huge factor. Women are generally more flexible than […]

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Workout Wednesday: Energy Systems

[wpvideo UjIuXY0s]Did you know you can exercise in four different energy systems? The best trainers emphasize each of the four energy systems–even though all four work together–to increase power, endurance, and rate of recovery. The quicker you recover, the more fit you are. What are they called? PHOSPHAGEN:  The most powerful energy system characterized by […]

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Workout Wednesday: Endorphins

If it’s not enough that regular exercise reduces: All types of cancers Cholesterol Diabetes High blood pressure Stress & fatigue & anger & vigor Obesity Exercise  also makes you happy. Not just gleeful happy, but on cloud nine-tickled pink-giddy-silly happy! How?  When we exercise, the body releases chemicals called endorphins. They interact with receptors in the […]

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